Sunday, 21 October 2012

Glamorous Grandma Chic

I'd been thinking about making hats for a while, but found it a seemingly impossible task, so instead I had a go at making some fascinators and this is one of the finished pieces. I was going for 1930s Schiaparelli vibe - very glamorous. I wore it to a friends wedding yesterday and had some lovely comments.

Handknitted collar below, in cotton yarn, with front button fastening adapted from my pattern for the lace collar jumper worn in the fashion show.

Maternity dress for my lovely friend Ruth, modelling the dress and the fascinator and collar above. This dress is perfect for summer (I made it a few months back and have only just got the photos!) Would love to make some more dresses like this, or similar, especially with pockets...


Photography by Sam Budgen 2012